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Bayonne City Wide Earth Day

Bayonne City Wide Earth Day was hosted Saturday, October 24, 2021 from 10 am to 12 noon.  This was a day that Mayor James Davis and Municipal Council encouraged volunteers to come out and do something to help that benefits the planet and clean up and beautify our community.  This could be cleaning up your sidewalk or street in your neighborhood or even simply using less water or electricity today.

The City of Bayonne had a great turn out with different organizations, families,  businesses,  schools and community leaders forming teams.   All who volunteered cleaned a specific area in the city, whether it was the area they live, work or play that need some TLC. Teams will be asked to take photos of the garbage bags collected so that they can be displayed on Facebook. The group with the most litter collected wins lunch with Mayor Davis. The City of Bayonne had over 35 teams who registered not including the ones that cleaned around their own home.” Last year, the city held a socially distant at-home cleanup due to the stay-at-home order by the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents cleaned garbage and debris in front of and around their homes, such as used masks and gloves that continue to litter streets and sidewalks.  We would like to thank all who helped in the effort of cleaning Bayonne.

Thank you to our sponsors Eco Youth,  SUEZ, Hudson County Improvement Authority, Public Works, Bayonne UEZ, IMTT, TSC North America .   We also had a raffle for 4 winners  to a either win  a rain barrel or  a compost donated by Hudson County Improvement Authority. The City – Wide Earth Day is once a year, but we can all help our city and planet by recycling properly, having neighborhood cleanups once a month or just cleaning and picking up garbage by your sidewalk and street where you live.

Let’s work all year round keeping Bayonne Clean.

Monthly Clean-ups

Bayonne Clean Community on Sunday started our monthly clean-ups. We had some students who came out and helped with cleaning 🧹 an area on 22nd Street & Avenue C. We picked up garbage 🗑 and debris. We found used masks and lots of liquor bottles in that area. We also cleaned storm drains that were covered with napkins, coffee cups, and different types of other garbage. Thank you for all who volunteered, and helping with clean-up.


Clean Communities grant recipients may resume volunteer cleanups, provided COVID-19 guidelines established by the Governor’s Office are strictly followed and enforced. However, because Clean Communities grants are disbursed directly to municipalities and counties, the decision to resume cleanups is strictly the responsibility of grant recipients.

NJCCC COVID-19 Guidelines:

  • Volunteers must wear masks.
  • Volunteers must wear gloves while picking up trash.
  • Groups of volunteers cleaning in one location must be limited to 10.
  • Volunteers must social-distance.
  • Cleanups must be supervised to ensure that COVID-19 guidelines are followed and enforced.
  • Masks, gloves and hand sanitizer must be provided for volunteers who are cleaning. Clean Communities grant funds may be used for this purpose.

Please email at or call me on my cell at 856-235-5599 with questions or concerns.

Sandy Huber, Executive Director
Phone: 609-989-5900/ Fax: 609-989-9066
Cell: 856-235-5599

New Jersey Clean Communities (

Pick up litter

 Litter, trash that people drop all around the ground, is an eyesore. Worse, it can be harmful to children, animals, and the rest of the environment. If you see some trash on the ground around your neighborhood, don’t assume someone else will take care of it. Be proactive in taking care of where you live

Consider having a clean-up day where you and your friends go around your block and pick up trash.

Pay attention to lawns, bushes, and gutters. This is where most trash tends to collect.

December 21, 2020

For immediate release:

Bayonne Announces New Garbage and Recycling Schedule for 2021

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the City of Bayonne has adopted a new garbage and recycling schedule, effective January 2, 2021.

For purposes of garbage and recycling pick-ups, Bayonne will be divided into three zones:

  • Zone 1 will run from 1st Street through 16th Street including Broadway.
  • Zone 2 will run from 16th Street to 30th Street, including Broadway, Prospect Avenue, Avenue F, and Harbor Pointe (the former Alexan).
  • Zone 3 will run from 30th Street to 63rd Street, including

County Village (the development by the City Line, the Bayonne-Jersey City border), and all other thoroughfares between 30th and 31st Streets.

In Zone 1, regular garbage pick-ups will take place on Mondays and Thursdays. In Zone 1, recycling pick-ups will take place on Thursdays.

In Zone 2, regular garbage pick-ups will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. In Zone 2, recycling pick-ups will take place on Thursdays.

In Zone 3, regular garbage pick-ups will take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In Zone 3, recycling pick-ups will take place on Wednesdays.

Under the new schedule, the recycling pick-up day in each area will remain the same as it has been under the old schedule.

There will be no garbage or recycling pick-ups on either December 25, 2020, or January 1, 2021.

Electronic waste (televisions and all other electronic waste) can be picked up Monday through Friday. Please call 201-858-6099 at least one business day in advance to reserve pick-ups.

Scrap metal recycling pick-ups will take place on Tuesdays only. You must call 201-858-6099 at least one business day in advance to reserve pick-ups.

To avoid possible fines, please do not put your garbage or recycling out before 5:00 p.m. on the night before it is to be collected.

Last week, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) announced that Bayonne is receiving a Clean Communities grant of $100,525. This funding is part of a statewide distribution of $19.4 million. We welcome this news and appreciate the NJDEP’s grant to the City of Bayonne.

Clean Communities grants can be used for clean-ups and equipment purchases. According to the NJDEP, equipment purchases can include “receptacles, recycle bins, anti-littering signs, and graffiti removal supplies.”

NJDEP Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe said, “Clean Communities grants help municipalities and counties with the important task of removing unsightly litter, often from roadways and around stormwater collection systems, to enhance quality of life.”
Commissioner McCabe continued, “Beautifying our communities through these types of cleanups helps improve our water quality and natural resources while also protecting wildlife and their habitats.”

The Clean Communities Program is funded by a user fee on manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. That means, the industries that produce items that might become litter help pay to clean it up. The grant to municipalities is based on the number of housing units and the miles of municipally-owned roadways (streets). The use of housing unit numbers in the grant shows once again how important it is for everyone to make sure your housing unit is counted in Census 2020.

At this time of economic distress, it is encouraging that the NJDEP was able to distribute $17.3 million in Clean Communities grants to eligible municipalities and $2.1 million to counties. The New Jersey Clean Communities Council, a non-profit organization, oversees the reporting requirements for the grants. The Council’s Executive Director, Sandy Huber, has worked with the City of Bayonne on this grant program for many years.

We are grateful each year that the NJDEP provides this grant to Bayonne and our friends in other municipalities. Over the years, the City of Bayonne has used Clean Communities Grants to help us clean up the extra litter that accumulates during the summer and to help fund clean-up drives at other times of the year.

We need the public’s help to keep Bayonne clean. Make sure to dispose of refuse properly. Please put cans, bottles, yoghurt cups, paper, cardboard, and other recyclable items in recycling bins. Please put non-recyclable refuse in regular garbage cans. By working together, with the help of the state, the City of Bayonne and our residents can make Bayonne a cleaner community.


BAYONNE NATURE CLUB: Shoreline Clean-up Volunteers needed!

Saturday, February 20, 2021  |  9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Local: At Rutkowski Park

Meet at the gate near the restrooms of S. Gregg Hudson County Park, down from 48th Street.  Dress in work clothes, wear heavy boots.  Tools, garbage bags, snacks and water will be provided.

Keeping your Neighborhood Clean

Pick up litter

Litter, trash, around your neighborhood that people drop on the ground is harmful and also an eyesore.  If you see trash, on the ground pick it up.

Start a trend, show your neighbors that they should care ware they live and play.  Let them see you picking up the trash and not waiting or assuming someone else will be picking it up.   Keeping your property clean, and paying attention to your lawns by keeping them short and attractive can start a chain reaction with your neighbors.


Pick up your pets waste

When you take your pet for a walk, please make sure you pick up their waste (poop).   No one in the area would want to step on it, smell it, or even see it as they are walking their dog.  Some dogs lay in other dogs poop and then an owner has to wash their dog.

Any time walking your dog you should always have a plastic bag to clean up after them.   You should dispose the waste in a garbage can. Leaving your dogs waste on the ground leads to flies and a terrible smell in the summer.


Maintain your sidewalks

In most towns property owners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks clean and this way people can walk easily in front of your home. Longer grass on your lawn doesn’t’ look good. So help out the neighborhood by keeping it trim. Long grass causes mosquitos, ticks, fleas  Take pride in were you live, work, and play.   

Keep your storm drains clear

Storm drains need to be clear so they can gather run-off from rainwater to prevent flooding and keep that water in local waterways.

Keeping trash and debris away from the storm drain will stop it from getting clogged.

Report Graffiti

Graffiti, painting on walls and other public places, is illegal in many locations, and an eyesore. If you notice this kind of artwork on a public building or structure, call your local municipality.

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