Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you might have about shopping or doing business in the City of Bayonne.

Phone numbers for starting a business in the city of Bayonne

  • Bayonne UEZ Department – To see if your business is in the zone boundaries
    Room 10 – Telephone: 201-858-6357
  • Building Department – For permits
    Room 18 – Telephone: 201-858-6073
  • Zoning Department – Zone approved business also signage
    Room 13 – Telephone: 201-858-6110
  • Fire Department & Fire Prevention Department – To register the Business-Inspection of for your business
    Telephone: 201-858-6023
  • Health Department – For anything with prepared food
    Telephone: 201-858-6100

Getting Started in Premier Business Services

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