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Property Tax Reward Program – ‘Shop Bayonne’ Loyalty Card

The Property Tax Reward Program was founded in 2010 by Fincredit Inc, and focuses on incentivizing shopping local with rewards to the consumer, similar to a loyalty card.

How does it work?

  • Every homeowner in Bayonne receives a ‘Shop Bayonne’ card
  • Businesses can opt in to the program if they please
  • Business owners provide a discount of their choice to ‘Shop Bayonne’ customers
  • The money saved through the discount is transferred to the City
  • Money accumulates and at the end of the year is deducted from your property tax

This is an innovative program that helps the local business community and provides a strong motivation for residents to ship in town. It is an opportunity for homeowners to their lower out-of-pocket expense on property taxes through normal, everyday purchases of necessities and goods.

By using the ‘Shop Bayonne’ card, residents enjoy a direct relief on their property tax bills, businesses enjoy a higher local awareness and increased revenues, and the City benefits from a thriving business corridor.

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Elected Officials

  • Mayor James M. Davis

  • First Ward Councilmember, Neil Carroll III

  • Second Ward Councilmember, Jacqueline Weimmer

  • Third Ward Councilmember, Gary LaPelusa, Sr.

  • Council Member at Large, Lloyd Booker

  • Council Member at Large, Juan M. Perez


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