Today, April 1, is Census Day. The census will be used to allocate billions of dollars in federal funds over the next ten years. I urge all Bayonne residents to make sure that you are counted in Census 2020.  You will be able to be counted on the Internet, by telephone, or with a paper form. If you do not get counted in one of these ways by late April, the Census Bureau will send an employee to knock on your door. If you would rather not have a census worker come knocking on your door, please make sure you are counted now, either online, by telephone, or on a paper form.
In order to fill out a census form online, your address should have received a unique 12-digit number in a recent census mailing. That number is for a particular house or apartment, regardless of who is living there. It is not a code for a person. If you have not received a census mailing by April 1, you can still be counted either online or by telephone by using your address. Go to to get started.
When you fill out the form, you should list for your address anyone who spends the majority of the time at that address. If someone lives half of the time at your address, and is there as of April 1, Census Day, please record that person on your census form.
Everyone counts. It’s time to be counted. Thank you for helping Bayonne have a successful census.