If you would like additional information on Ban on Plastic Bags and
Polystyrene link on: nj_plastics_ban.pdf

Ban on Plastic Bags takes into effect officially in New Jersey on Wednesday, May 4, 2022. All stores are banned from giving out or selling single -use plastic bags when you check out. Paper bags are banned at grocery stores, but non-grocery and retail stores can still provide paper bags to their customers. Retail clothing or a small bodega can give you a brown shopping bag. When you go shopping, please remember to bring your reusable tote. Some exemptions are Produce bags, bags used to package meat or dry cleaning, and pet waste. To be a reusable bag, the bag must be made of washable fabric, have handles, and with stand 125 uses and multiple washes.

Staring also on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, Polystyrene is plastic used to make food containers is banned.
Any containers made using the foam polystyrene will be banned. Styrofoam plates, and to go containers and cups will no longer be able to purchase at stores. Bayonne Clean Communities on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, gave out totes in the shopping district of Broadway to customers and game them informative information on the Ban on Bags. Those who wish to continue to use their own plastic or paper bags they can do so if they bring them on their own. For more information, please call Dee Dee Bottino at 201-858-6357.

Examples of businesses that might be affected by this are:

Cafes and Coffee shops
Grocery stores and big box stores
Convenience stores
Vending trucks or carts
Food Trucks
Liquor stores
Drug stores
Retail stores