K – 5 Science Teachers,

The City of Bayonne has graciously provided the Bayonne School District Grades K – 5 with The Grand Falloons Virtual content.  The content is available via the links provided. There are various short video clips and a study guide that you can use with your students.  The content is available from Monday March 8 – Friday March 19. After March 19 you will not be able to access the link.  Please take advantage of this opportunity and note your activities in your lesson plans.

I would like to thank the Bayonne Clean Community Team and Coordinator Ms. Bottino for making this possible for our students.  Please share with me pictures of your students working and I can share via social media. (students in the pictures should have a signed media release) Additionally, share with your school social media accounts. 

GRAND FALLOONS Virtual Program for:  Bayonne Elementary Schools

Start Date:    3/8/21
 End Date:      3/19/21

Here is the link to your Grand Falloons Virtual Presentation:
https://vimeo.com/channels/city of bayonne

And here is your link to our Virtual Study Guide

All you need to do is click the link!  It will bring you to your page.  Once there, if you click on the preferred title it will fill the screen. You will have unlimited access to the content until your end date.